Frontier to launch flights to Florida

so it’s hot. Really hot. But things are going to cool off before long. Come this winter snowbirds will make their annual migration south – to escape cooler climes and revel in the sun. Frontier Airlines is opening up more options that will allow fliers to do precisely that.Dec. 15, 2011 through April 15, 2012 the airline with the larger-than-life renderings of North American wildlife on the tails of its aircraft will launch a trio of nonstop seasonal flights. There will be nonstop Des Moines flights to Orlando and Tampa and nonstop Madison flights to Orlando. According to OAG, at this precise point in time, there’s no nonstop competition on the Madison – Orlando run. Discount airline Allegiant already offers nonstop Des Moines flights to Orlando as well as Des Moines flights to Tampa Bay.

At the same time Frontier forges these new routes the carrier also plans to resume three nonstop runs. The same time frame applies: Dec. 15 through April 15. Back on the books will be nonstop Milwaukee flights to Tampa and nonstop Omaha flights to Orlando and Tampa.Right now, discount airlines Southwest and AirTran field nonstop Milwaukee flights to Tampa. Discount airline Southwest has one-stop, no-change-of-plane Omaha flights to Orlando, as well as one-stop Omaha flights to Tampa. OMA-TPA too entails no change of plane.

Frontier will be flying these seasonal Florida routes with its new rapier-like Embraer 190 regional jets. The 99-passenger Brazilian-built aircraft offer what the carrier calls available STRETCH seating. That option gives you up to five inches of additional legroom. The Embraers are fitted or 2X2 seating throughout. That means everyone gets either a window or an aisle.

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