Flights are Canceled by heavy snow

section of Indiana 2. An effort is underway to rescue them in freezing temperatures.Dozens of travelers were trapped on Indiana highways on Monday, where up to 16 inches of heavy snow fell in some areas around LaPorte.Officials don’t know exactly how many people were stranded, but some had been stuck for as long as 12 hours, according to LaPorte County sheriff’s Deputy Andy Hynek.In the Valparaiso area about 70 vehicles got stuck in drifts on aIn parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin they had nearly two feet of snow.Chicago and other parts of the Midwest saw subzero wind chills following the weekend storm.Chicago Department of Aviation spokeswoman Karen Pride said, wind gusts of up to nearly 50 mph canceled more than 1,600 flights at the city’s two airports Sunday and about 75 flights were canceled Monday.On Monday it was snowing in parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.At least 15 deaths have been attributed to the storm so far.The Weather Channel reported, the winter weather “with dangerously cold wind chills in some areas,” was expected to continue throughout the Midwest on Monday.It reported that during the week the intense cold would stay in much of the Missouri and Mississippi Valleys but the high winds were expected to die down.

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