Delayed Haj flights

Delayed Hajj flights have multiplied miseries of friendsand families who arrive at airports to receive their near and dear ones coming from Saudi Arabia after performing Hajj. PIA has broken all previous records of delaying Hajj flights. The normal delay is 9 to 10 hours that may extend to further 4 to 5 hours. PIA has failed to satisfy people regarding inordinate delay in Hajj flights.

Unfortunately, relatives coming from far flung areas with no boarding and lodging facility in Islamabad or Rawalpindi face multiple problems during night stay and affording double priced eatables in airport area. Onus of bearing extra charges should have been on PIA for providing below average service. In the absence of appropriate seating arrangement, airport premises are jam-packed leaving no space to know about flight arrivals. Checks by police during entering the airport, is also a nuisance.

Public coming to welcome Hajis find the job extraordinarily tedious. The attitude of airport staff is discourteous and most of the times insulting. Limited parking space adds to the trouble of motorists who find no place to park their motors. Incidentally, alluring fork lifters to lift vehicles and impose heavy fines. Heads must roll for negligent providing disservice to Hajis.

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