Flight to Denver,Keeping kids quiet on flights not easy

Q I am a new mom and am taking my three-month old on her first flight to Denver, where my parents live. If my daughter cries the whole time, I know I’ll annoy nearby passengers. What can I do?A You’ve probably already heard that you should feed the babe during takeoff and landing. That will ease the strain on her ears  and that in turn could ease the strain on your neighbours’ ears, if it means no crying. But babies do cry, so what can you do?I’ve read reports of mothers carrying tokens of appreciation such as magazines and candy bars to distribute in the event of an outburst (by the baby or a fellow passenger.Another mom keeps earplugs at the ready. But I’ve been on both sides  as mother to a wailing child and as passenger next to one  and in my experience a kind look and a simple I’m sorry,should do the trick. The main thing to remember is that, even or especially when others around you don’t, you must remain calm. Welcome to motherhood.

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