Delta Airlines ending its three daily flights from London-to-Detroit

Delta Airlines is ending its three daily flights from London to Detroit as the U.S. market for air traffic remains hard hit by the economic downturn, and airlines are slashing service to save money.The U.S, airline industry is not good. There are a lot of fragile markets for airlines as the economy has taken a toll, said Mike Seabrook, vice-president of London International Airport.
That left us in a vulnerable position.The service will end Jan. 4, leaving only United Airline’s direct flights to Chicago as the airport’s only U.S.-based carrier.Delta and its Detroit-bound passengers make up about 10% of the London airport’s traffic, about 45,000 passengers a year and approximately $600,000 in total revenue.It is a hit for the airport, but they can withstand it this year, said Seabrook.We have had advances and there are some setbacks. That is the nature of the industry. We will replace this service and move forward,he said.It’s ebb and flow in this business. The best we can do now is keep talking. We have a strategy to be a cost efficient airport, and that will not change. We will take a hit from this but it’s nothing we cannot withstand,said Seabrook.The airport will work now to replace that service, and is in talks with United and Air Canada  it connects to major U.S. cities from Toronto.The Detroit flights were a connecting service. From there, passengers took off to other U.S. cities, and the London airport may look to add service to another city, such as Washington, to replace Delta, added Seabrook.We would like to replace this service but it will not happen immediately. They have had a captive market here for 20 years but we will work hard to fill that void, he said.Delta is also phasing out the turbo-prop planes, as well as the small jets, it uses from London to Detroit to save money

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