Flights were delayed today

Several flights at the Tribhuvan International Airport were delayed today while a few were cancelled due to technical glitch in the navigational system.
The flights of Oman Air, Silk Air and Fly Dubai and some others were delayed for hours, while Spice Jet cancelled its flights.Due to malfunctioning Very High Frequency Omni-directional Range the flights were delayed .However after maintenance work the regular flights have started operating,said a TIA
official late in the evening. However, he said the problem was a technical one, without divulging details.He claimed it was nothing serious and was fixed by technicians.VOR, short for VHF omni-directional radio range, is a type of radio navigation system for aircraft. A VOR ground station broadcasts a VHF radio composite signal, including the station’s identifier, voice, and navigation signal.The VOR system guides aircraft on takeoff, landing and during freak weather and poor visibility.Hundreds of passengers stranded were stranded for hours in the afternoon due to the delay. It is learnt that TIA authority issued an internal circular to the airlines operators at around 3:10 pm, saying the VOR services will be suspended till 6:10 pm.The officials at TIA said flights were operational in the evening. The Spice Jet decided on its own to cancel the flight as it took three hours to fix the VOR system,added an official.Nearly 25 international airlines operate more than 35 flights a day at TIA airport.

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