Non-Stop Flights To Florida

Do you want to go to the beach but you’re dreading that long drive? Well, soon you will be able to fly directly from Chattanooga to Destin-Fort Walton Beach, Florida.Vision Airlines will offer direct flights to Destin on Thursdays and Sundays with fares starting at $79.The entry into the Chattanooga market is part of a bigger expansion of their service around the country. Vision Airlines’ claim to fame is big jets and low fares, flying 737’s and 767’s. They started as a charter service around the Grand Canyon back in 1994 and have grown into a low fare carrier.

The Chattanooga connection will offer service beyond Destin into Tampa-St. Petersburg.Besides partnering with airports Vision Airlines is working with Chambers of Commerce and tourism agencies in several states to promote travel in both directions. So while Vision offers to put you on the beach they will also offer Floridians access to our mountains.Vision’s business model is centered around the flyer left out by the major airlines as they merge and cut seats.Chattanooga and many mid-sized markets have long been neglected by major carriers, forcing passengers to wait in terminals across the country trying to make lay overs and connections,according to Vision Airlines’ Bill Maloney.

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