Flights for Mackay to Brisbane

The expansion will allow additional capacity between Brisbane and Mackay and Brisbane and Rockhampton and new services into Gladstone.An additional 572 seats will be available between Mackay and Brisbane.Executive manager Narendra Kumar says more upgrades are scheduled for central Queensland destinations over the coming months.

It’s in response to demand from the regional communities and industries, including the resource sector, and ensuring that we are putting on ample capacity at the required times,he said.I think it’s important that we are putting on capacity when people want to travel and ensuring that we grow in line with how the markets are growing in central Queensland.Kylie Porter from the Mackay Chamber of Commerce says while it is welcome news for the region, she says Qantas needs to commit to servicing the area at its full capacity.

Just because there may be that slight downward pitch in the economy doesn’t actually mean that business or the transactions that we need to do every single day to conduct business dries up,she said.We still need to get to Brisbane, we still need to be able to get from Brisbane to other major centres and it would be great to be able to do that with a reliable national carrier.

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