Flights to start in 2012 and will be first regular domestic flight in UAE

A new aviation company based in Fujairah will launch flights from the eastern city to Abu Dhabi in 2012 to become the first airlines to start regular domestic services in the UAE, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Eastern Express, a joint venture between the two local aviation firms Abu Alhoul (Sphinx) and Hajjar Airlines, will launch the service in the first quarter of 2012 at an initial rate of two flights a day, ‘Emarat Al Youm’ Arabic language daily said.The service will begin in the first quarter of next year and will facilitate the travel of passengers to Abu Dhabi, regional countries and other airports, the paper said, quoting a statement by Eastern Express.It said the new company had just been created by those two airlines, which are owned by businessmen from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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