Flights to Kabul-Badakhshan launched by East Horizon Airlines

East Horizon Airlines on Monday formally started flights to remote north-eastern Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.This is the first time a private airline company is launching direct flights to Badakhshan province after three years. Previously Ariana Airlines, Kam Air and Pamir used to fly in this province however they halted their flights due to unknown reasons.According to reports only UN and military aircraft used to fly in Badakhshan province during this period.

The first flight of East Horizon Airlines to Badakhshan province consisted to 44 passengers and was welcomed by Afghan officials and people who are saying that they can easily travel between Kabul and Badakhshan province.However provincial governor Shahwaliullah Adeeb while praising the flights between Kabul and Badakhshan urged East Horizon Airlines to reconsider in its charges.East Horizon Airlines, the latest addition to the list of cargo airlines in Afghanistan is currently serving the passengers using two aircrafts and the airlines is looking to purchase two more aircrafts in the near future in a bid to expand its operations across the country.The carrier is also expected to move cargo from Kabul to smaller Afghan cities, which have previously had to rely on the unpredictable trucking. The airline is later expected to expand its service network to the UAE, Western China and India.

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